Credit is due to Lisa Harney at Questioning Transphobia and the author of The Body Electric for inspiring this policy.


I will not allow comments that are gross violations of the golden rule, which for my purposes amounts to the following:

  • Do not do to another person what you would not want them to do to you.
  • Your privilege (i.e. unearned advantages) does not entitle you to do to an oppressed person what you and the other beneficiaries of their oppression would not want them do to you, had they the power and the desire to do so.

Yes, the above is only generally applicable, but in my experience trolls use long lists of rules as an aid in abusing others while remaining within the letter of the law, making some sort of catch-all statement necessary.

The following applies only to anonymous posters and anyone who appears to be a first time poster:

I will not allow personally sexist or heterosexist diatribes.

I will not allow comments that contain oppressive language, regardless of which oppressed group is affected. I aim to be no more permissive of comments that target people of color, immigrants, sex workers, trans folks, etc. than I am of comments that target women, queer folks, and intersex folks.

I will not allow comments that designate this blog as a space more inclusive of female assigned at birth (FAAB) people who are not women than it is of non-FAAB people who are women.

I will not allow comments to be posted to a thread, if they dispute this policy or my implementation of it, especially if the comments derail from a discussion about the people oppressed by sexism and heterosexism. If you want to debate the policy, post your comments here.

2. Triggers

It is my position that all content is potentially triggering and attempts to avoid only some potentially triggering content inevitably privilege certain parties. This, then, is my policy on triggers:

I will write the first paragraph of each post in such a way that the reader can easily determine the content of the rest of the post.

I will construct hyperlinks in such a way that the reader can easily determine the content of the resource I have linked to.

I will follow the Internet convention of letting the reader know that material is NSFW or contains depictions of violence.

I will tag or categorize all satirical content as such.

I will not hold commenters responsible for content that is potentially triggering.

I will leave it to the reader to determine whether content is potentially triggering before they proceed.

I will welcome comments that let me and commenters know when we have said something insensitive.

No part of the policy on triggers should be taken as a license to violate the policy on comments.

This page was last updated on 2011 July 6.


One Response to Policy

  1. Kirsten says:

    Sounds fair to me! 🙂

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