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This blog is a means by which I speak out on matters of social justice. For me an important component of fighting for social justice is adherance to the anti-oppression model. In accordance with this model I define heterosexism, sexism, and various other isms as prejudice plus power. Heterosexism, then, is prejudice against people plus the power straight people have over us. Similarly sexism is prejudice against people who are not men plus the power men have over us. Because trans women are among the most marginalized women, I sometimes talk about cissexism, which is prejudice against trans people plus the power cis people (i.e. people who are not trans) have over us. It is inevitable that at some point I will object to hate speech against women, and a man will have his fragile ego bruised by something I have said and comment, “Hypocrisy!” Well, it might be hypocrisy, if I worked from a model that ignored power, but I do not; as I said, I work from the anti-oppression model. However, if I as a white person ignore the power I have over people of color, then that would be hypocrisy, and you, my readers, would be well within your rights to call me out for that. More generally, even though I face a number of oppressions, I am still privileged in many respects, and I hope you will not hesitate to hand me a privilege check when you feel I need one.

I have subtitled this A Queer Woman’s Blog, because my primary aim is to write about matters of importance to women and queer people. Of course the purpose of activism is to help people, not abstracted attributes. So I cannot effectively communicate about my experiences as a woman without sometimes writing about what it is like to be a trans woman. Trans women are women. This does not mean I want my blog to be categorized as a transgender person’s blog in other people’s blog rolls; I would prefer that it be categorized as a woman’s blog or a queer person’s blog. Nor does it mean that I want people to invariably refer to me as a trans woman; it is usually sufficient to say I am a woman.

If you know of a matter related to women or TBLGQ folks that bloggers need to write about, please contact me.

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